Strobmx "Electro" Frame


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Specs Strobmx "Electro" Frame

Electro Frame ,4130 100% Japanese Sanko Chromoly, 20.9,ht 75,st 71, cs 13.25, bb high 11.8, st 9.25, welded Laser Cut Chainstay Endcaps, Top and Downtube Frame Gussetts with Logo, Integrated Seatclamp, Custom Bend Seatbridge with Logo, Custom Bend Chainstaybridge, Custom Headtube, Custom Mid BB Style, Rem.Brake Mounts and Cable Guides, Wider Frame for Thicker Tires, Custom Strobmx Stickerset ,Weight: 2.35 kg, Color : Black Chrome

Preis EUR 299,95 inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten


Image of Strobmx "Electro" Frame Image of Strobmx "Electro" Frame